I've been making headdresses and wearable art in NYC since 2013. I'm mostly self-taught, but my background is in fine arts, acting, sewing, garment construction and dance. I have a regular practice as an aerialist and circus artist, which informs my designs in ways I'm not sure how to describe! I live in New York and sometimes Oregon, with my husband and daughter.

My designs come to me in dreams, meditations, fantasies or visions. I pursued acting for years but never felt fulfilled. On December 21, 2012, I attended an "End of the World" party and had an epiphany that I could make truly spectacular things with my skills, beyond garments. My work has been featured at the House of Yes and Paradise Club nightclubs in NYC; on Vogue.com; on performers at You Are So Lucky events; and much more.


Do you make custom pieces?

Absolutely. Please use my portfolio as inspiration, or send me a picture. I welcome the opportunity to work with you to design and craft a dream piece to your exact specifications. Send me a mood board on Pinterest or a picture of something you have seen. I can bring your vision to life.

What would I use a headpiece for?

-Photoshoots (modeling, pregnancy, special occasions, unique family portraits, self-celebration)-Parties and Festivals-Special occasions (weddings, anniversaries, graduations, birthdays, etc.) -Performance (performance artists, drag shows, circus artists, singers, dancers and more)-Self-confidence boost - feel like a god or goddess whatever you're doing, wherever you are!-Self-expression - let out your inner phoenix, huntress, Poseidon, devil, angel, etc.

How do I wear a headdress? Is it heavy? Is it comfortable?

The best thing about these headpieces is that they are light and comfortable! The base is lined with crushed velvet and is moulded to a head-form, just like a hat. 

My larger headpieces have one or two adjustable straps on them. You can tighten or loosen these straps to fit your head, just like bra straps. If there is a clear plastic chin strap, start with this under your chin, then take the elastic strap over the top of your head and under your hair. Then place the headdress on your head and adjust everything. Make sure the strap in the back is under your hair, wrapped around the base of your head (NOT the middle-back of your head - the strap should be around your hairline at the top of your neck, under your occiput).