Floating Lace Mask or Fascinator

Floating Lace Mask or Fascinator - side view

Custom Feather Headpieces for Burning Man '22

Custom Feather Headpieces for Burning Man '22

Sonia DeLuna in Golden Era halo crown with vintage jewelry, rhinestone trim, crystals and beads

Golden Era halo crown (side view) with vintage jewelry, rhinestone trim, crystals and beads

Sonia DeLuna in White Star 'winter queen' holiday crown. Swarovski crystals, vintage jewelry, beads, trim, faux fur

White Star crown side view

Sonia DeLuna in Moon Goddess crown. Silver Nefertiti medallion, 1920's silver lame' fabric, Swarovski crystals, beads and trim

Moon Goddess crown side view

Custom helm for Marlon: themes of elephant, Buddha, hematite, medallions

Sacred Elephant Buddha crown for Marlon

Diamond Hair headpiece

Diamond Hair headpiece

Diamond Hair headpiece

Diamond Hair headpiece

2020 "Face Mask" with rhinestone trim, chain fringe, hot pink Algerian silk with metallic floral accents

2020 "Face Mask" side view

Gold lace fan with extra long black fringe, black and gold flowers, metal filigree and Swarovski crystals

Gold lace fan side view

Custom crown for Cali with deer antlers, snakes, kyanite crystals, bendable snakes, silk flowers, velvet leaves, vintage beads and 'nature goddess' details

Custom crown for Cali, side view

Crystal skull cap, flapper hat, with bead fringe 'hair', rhinestone medallions and Swarovski crystals

Crystal skull cap side view

Golden deer headdress with antlers, metal filigree pieces, faux fur ears, gold starburst fabric and Swarovski crystals

Golden deer headdress side view

Golden Era halo in gold & black. Trim, rhinestons, beads, metal filigree medallions, vintage jewelry

Golden Era halo side view

Dragon Goddess headdress with green spines, exotic feathers, chains, crystal trim and Swarovski crystals

Aviator headpiece with metal and crystal trim and Swarovski crystals

Jacqueline Shimmiez in silver halo 'diamond hair' crown

Silver halo 'diamond hair' crown

Amazon / Mother Nature orchid and fern headpiece with Swarovski crystals and beads, metal filigree, vintage metal fabric

Amazon / Mother Nature orchid and fern headpiece

Asymmetrical Pink Face Frame with spikes, bead fringe, upcycled jewelry, Swarovski crystals, trim, designer fabric

Asymmetrical Face Frame side view

Laura Lee in Narnia Winter Queen crown. Antlers, mink skull, upcycled jewelry, beads, trim, crystals, faux fur

Madame Vivien V in bridal crown, silk flowers, hand-dyed lace, Swarovski crystals, beads

Phoenix Mask: hand-sculpted, hand-painted leather with feathers and Swarovski crystals

Phoenix mask - hand-sculpted and painted leather, feathers, swarovski crystals.
Katherine Crockett in Amazon Goddess headdress
Daisy Press in a custom design based on Saint Ursula, Hildegard of Bingen and the color blue, for the throat chakra.
Warrior Goddess, Diana the Huntress headdress for pregnancy photoshoot. Hand painted and bejeweled deer skull, exotic feathers, orchids, gold hoops with Swarovski beads and crystals
Dia de los Muertos headpiece - hand-painted gold lace fan, silk flowers, hand-painted and bejeweled skull, Swarovski crystals and beads

Maleficent-ish Coils Dark Queen Crown

Maleficent-ish Coils Dark Queen Crown

Maleficent-ish Coils Dark Queen Crown back view

Crystal Lavender Sugar Skull headpiece with white lace train and up-cycled jewelry

1920's flapper cap encrusted with crystals, trimmed with white pearl beads, rhinestone "snowflakes" on sides and center front
Mermaid crown with shells, starfish, pearls, rope, chains and luxury fabric
Rays of stars and sun golden goddess headpiece, commission for Katherine Crockett
Golden antlers warrior goddess with red and gold Chinese silk, beads and crystals, gold mink skull, medallions, metal accents, chains and fringe
Dragon Goddess headdress. Balinese Kite dragon head with golden fan wings, mounted on hand-made fuscia and gold hat base
Black pleather kinky kat skull cap with metal spikes and wire ears
Birth of the Fairy Queen headband with silk and metal filigree flowers, embroidered vines, gold trim and Swarovski crystals

Garden Fairy crown with feather butterflies, embroidered leaves, bead trim, silk flowers, crystals

Fairy crown with semi-precious gems, trim and beaded fringe

Black lace top hat with black and red silk roses

White star crown with crystals, beads, pendants, trim and faux fur
Warrior headdress with silver medallions, mink skull, phoenix feathers, leather and trim
Men's wedding crown with purple velvet, metal accents, vintage jewelry, trim, crystals and amethysts
Bridal crown of lace, silk flowers, metal flowers, crystals, pearls and semi-precious stones
Dark fairy flower crown with black and burgundy silk flowers, butterflies, crystals and trim
Witch crown, Maleficent-inspired. Black pleather and feathers, black crystals and chains, crystal snake
Aviatrix helmet - cap with wings. Trim, crystals, gems
Men's lion crown with feathers, semi-precious stones, crystals, medallions, trim, velvet and metal accents
David Bowie-inspired Black Star headdress with black crystal beads and crystals, onyx, black lace and beaded trim
Warrior goddess headdress with medallions, fringe, chains, pearl bead trim, crystals, Chinese silk fabric, antique brooch
Silver and gold captain's hat with dramatic side wings and flying lion. Metal accents, trim, crystals and stars
Silver fan "Madame Butterfly" headdress with flowers, trim, crystals and long fringe
New Years Eve helms, 2013

First commission, 2014